Locally-Roasted Small-Batch Coffee

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Welcome to the world of Freshly Roasted, Quality Coffee... all locally roasted to your perfection. All prices are for 16oz+ (1 Lb) coffee, although I usually fill closer to 18oz.

Looking for something different? Maybe you want to create your own blend? I roast myself and I always take customizations... or can offer recommendations (seriously, just call or text and ask).

Cheers - Eric Wolman Eric@suwaneecreekroasters.com 404.832.5644

Very Limited - JBM Peaberry

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Give the Gift of Coffee!

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Coffee always makes a perfect treat, especially on those cold morning!  Heck, any morning really.  For your friends and family who love good coffee or who have never tried my coffee - give them the gift of real good coffee!  

It took many months, but I have finally found the perfect gift container made especially for Fresh Roasted Coffee!  This beautiful Silver Coffee Tin holds about 12oz of Coffee and keeps the Coffee very fresh using a special vent built into the bottom!  And it looks good sitting on the counter too!

I have these 4 options to choose from (or I can custom it), so it really just depends on who the gift is for!  

Gift A - Hawaii Kona, Extra Fancy roasted Light/Medium

Gift B - Kenya AA roasted Medium

Gift C - Colombia Supremo roasted Medium

Gift D -  Colombia Supremo roasted Dark

Each Gift includes one Coffee Tin filled with 12oz of your choice of coffee and a Gift Card for $5.00 when it is time for a coffee refill!


Need help picking the right one?  Just ask and I can help - Call, Text, Email, Yell really loud... whatever your preference, I will be there to help.  

Eric Wolman

404.832.5644 (texting is always the fastest)


So Local, that it's Home-Made!

Hi there, I'm Eric. Nice to eMeet you! I started Suwanee Creek Roasters in 2019 as a hobby while working to better understand my limitations with a diagnosis of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME).

I love creating such a wonderfully great-tasting product with one simple ingredient and sharing it with those I know. Good thing too, because the store-bought stuff tastes like shit (yes, it's so bad it requires the s-word).

Say good-bye to the store bought brands and hello to the wonderful world of real coffee.

Started Small - and Still Roasting Small

It all started with a one-pound roaster! I loved the fact I could focus on each individual bean at this level. I can do the same with my three-pound roaster, keeping the difference that small-batch roasting makes!

Looking for something custom?

I love working with my customers on creating their perfect coffee experience.

Whether you are hosting an event, gifting coffee to friends or colleagues, making someone's day, or want to create a blend to call your own...

Give me a ring and we can discuss over a nice cup of Joe (or over the phone). Text and email always welcome too!