How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee!

The perfect cup of coffee all depends on three factors:

1 - The Beans

2 - The Grind

3 - The Brew Process

The Beans - When you order from Suwanee Creek, this one is all good!

The Grind - This comes down to the type of coffee maker you use.  If it is a drip coffee maker, you will want to typical use a medium/fine grind.  But there are many more methods of brewing and each one calls for a different grind.  You can find specific information about your coffee-making process with a quick Google search.  

The Brew - The BIGGEST rule here is to always use filtered water for the best brew.  The rule of thumb is to include 6 ounces of water per 10 grams of coffee (about 2 Tablespoons ground).  You can multiply this to accommodate your brewing process (I usually brew 4 cups of coffee, which is 24 ounces of water and 40 grams of coffee grounds).  You can play with these numbers depending on your preferences... if you like darker, go with more coffee.  

The perfect cup of coffee is all about individual preference... test it out and see what you like best.  There is no right answer except your answer!