Most Popular Roasts

Our Most Popular Roasts:

Tanzanian Peaberry, Medium Roast:  Tanzania Peaberry is an explosive bean, harvested from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Planted in very rich volcanic soil, this crop doesn’t need any additional fertilizers added to produce this wonderful coffee bean. Known for its brightness and high acidity levels, this coffee is rich, strong and bold. It produces a deep chocolate flavor with hints of fruits and a soft and surprisingly sweet finish.

Colombian Supremo, Espresso Dark Roast: Emulated by brands offering 100% Colombian coffee, the Colombia Supremo coffee is the bean to beat.  Known for its bright acidity and clean finish, Colombia Supremo has rich chocolate and caramel flavors with hints of fruits and nice aftertaste.

Indonesian Java, Light/Medium Roast: One word comes to mind when thinking about Indonesia Java coffee:  Chocolate! The Java region of Indonesia produces coffees with a bright acidity and a very clean, yet fruity tasting profile.  The aroma of this bean is distinctively chocolaty and nutty.  Indonesia Java is known for its light, sweet taste with a beautiful long finish and prominent earthiness.

Extra Fancy Hawaiian Kona, Light-Medium Roast: (the best grade available of Hawaiian Kona coffee).  Grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona coffee is one of the more rare coffee types available.  Along with the mineral-rich soil at these high altitudes, the weather plays a major factor in how special these beans are in the coffee world. Hawaii Kona is known for its light, sweet and fruity taste.  Beautiful soft finish, especially when roasted light to medium. Hints of nuts and spice.

Jamaica Blue Mountain, Grade 1, Light-Medium Roast: Known as the "Rolls-Royce" of coffees, Jamaica Blue Mountain is some of the most exclusive coffee that you can buy in 2019.  Grown in very limited quantities, as the government places strict regulations on this cop of joe. Well-known around the world as a well-balanced and smooth tasting coffee that is clean, bright and very low on acidity.  A rich and creamy profile that is bold on taste, making this an uncommon combination in the coffee world. Notes of berry fruits and wine, this coffee is a must try!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Kochere, Medium Roast:  Ethiopia is the source of coffee as we know it.  This Ethiopian Yirgacheffe comes from the small town of Kochere, which lies just outside of Yirgacheffe and is the considered the best high-grown coffee in Ethiopia. This exotic coffee region is known world-wide for some of the best coffees available today.  Tasting notes for this specialty coffee include smooth citrus and berry tones, with a slight hint of sweet chocolate with notes of cinnamon and earth.  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is rated as some of the highest quality Arabica beans in the world.

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