1 lb Roasted Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kayumas Coffee - Medium Roasted

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Ethiopia is the source of coffee as we know it.  This Ethiopian Yirgacheffe comes from the small town of Kochere, which lies just outside of Yirgacheffe and is the considered the best high-grown coffee in Ethiopia. This exotic coffee region is known world-wide for some of the best coffees available today.

Tasting notes for this specialty coffee include smooth citrus and berry tones, with a slight hint of sweet chocolate with notes of cinnamon and earth.  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is rated as some of the highest quality Arabica beans in the world. 

Roasted to perfection Medium.

Always happy to take custom requests or questions.  A perfect cup of coffee is achieved using 10g of coffee per 6oz of water.  You can also use 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6oz of water.  I typically brew 4 cups (which is 24oz of water or 3 cups) with 40g of coffee and it comes out great.  

We roast your order fresh and only after you place your order.  Roasting & processing time will vary depending on the order.  Shipping time or local delivery or pickup days and times will be emailed to you after the order is placed.  The typical time for roasting and processing will be 2-3 business days.  Orders are only accepted from those in the State of Georgia.